Specialty Care

Animal Emergency & Critical Care offers the following specialty services:

Ophthalmology Services at Animal Emergency and Critical Care HuntsvilleOphthalmology. Our board-certified ophthalmologist, Dr. Beth Gibbins, DVM, DACVO, will work with you and your family veterinarian to provide the comprehensive eye care your dog or cat needs. She has extensive training and experience in a broad range of ophthalmic services for pets.  Common eye diseases diagnosed and treated include cataracts, keratoconjunctivitis (dry eye), corneal ulcers, glaucoma, uveitis, distichiasis, cherry eye and entropion.  Appointments can be arranged through Animal Eye Center by calling (205) 967-3931.

Dermatology. Your pet is susceptible to hundreds of skin disorders throughout his or her life. In order for your pet to get the best dermatological care, your pet needs a veterinarian with advanced training who is able to recognize these different dermatological conditions. Dr. Tomeshia Hubbard has the training and experience to care for pets with dermatological diseases. For a dermatology appointment for your pet, please call (205) 326-8080.

Cardiology Services at Animal Emergency and Critical Care HuntsvilleCardiology. Pets experience heart disease too, just like humans. Our cardiologist, Dr. Ingrid Straeter-Knowlen, works closely with your family veterinarian to offer the very best cardiac care for your pet with heart disease. For a cardiology appointment for your pet, call (205) 967-9134.