Animal Emergency & Critical Care

If your pet needs after hours emergency care, please call us or come directly to our emergency animal hospital.

When your pet needs after-hours emergency veterinary care or requires specialized medical attention, our trusted emergency veterinarians and veterinary staff are here for you and your pet. We offer the best emergency care in the Huntsville AL area. At Animal Emergency & Critical Care, we will treat your pet as a valued member of both your family and our family. We understand and support the bond you have with your pet, and our entire purpose is to care for your pet when he or she needs us the most.

Emergency Veterinary Healthcare in Huntsville, AL

Animal Emergency & Critical Care is a full service emergency animal hospital located in Huntsville that is an extension of the local veterinary hospitals. When your regular veterinarian is not available, we are open Monday through Thursday, 5pm to 8am and continue to be open from Friday 5pm through Monday 8am, providing after hours emergency pet care, stabilization, diagnosis and treatment of your pet's injury or illness.

ER Clinic Hours

Mon 6 PM - 8 AM

Tue 6 PM - 8 AM

Wed 6 PM - 8 AM

Thu 6 PM - 8 AM

Continuous Service

Friday 6pm to Monday 8am

Pet Emergencies

If your pet is in need of serious medical attention we ask that you call ahead to notify the staff of the nature of the emergency so we can be prepared to assist your pet immediately upon arrival.

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After Hours Emergency Veterinary Care

Our equipment/facilities include: an intensive care unit with oxygen and temperature control, a surgical suite with state-of-the-art monitoring equipment, anesthesia machines and ventilator. Also included are digital radiography-radiographs that can be placed on a disk and/or e-mailed to your veterinarian, complete in-house chemistry, complete blood count, blood gas, urinalysis and coagulation analysis, and ultrasonography.

Online Reviews

  • The Vet & staff are very caring & kind! Animal Emergency & Critical Care is an after hours clinic only, with hours approximately 6pm-8am & open during Holidays & weekends. I called on the phone before bringing my dog in & the kind lady who answered the phone helped me to access the emergency, giving me vital info to get there quickly & safely.

    Amanda C.

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  • Last Sunday I rushed my Bronco to the ER and he received exceptional treatment and care. Sadly he ended up having to be put to sleep but they were able to help ensure his last few moments he spent free of pain and fear and I was able to stay and talk with him. Today I received a very kind card from the office in which they had all signed their sympathy. I would never wish that experience on anyone but I am forever grateful for the care the provided to us.

    Kristen W.

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  • Our furbaby's eye doctor is simply the very, very best!!! I am genuinely grateful & truly thankful to Dr. Gibbons. She is absolutely incredible. She is remarkably knowledgeable, extremely gifted/talented, so welcoming, so warm, & so friendly. She really knows how to put you at ease & keeps you well informed. She's one fabulous doctor & such a wonderful lady.

    Renee T.

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